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Blowing the horn for the the Worshipful Company of Horners

diamond pierced horn ring
Design for Diamond Pierced Horn ring

When it comes to horn, there's few people that understand this interesting material better than the London based livery company, The Worshipful Company of Horners. As a first year undergraduate I was delighted to win a Jewellery award from the Horners, for an animal-patterned horn bangle I made.

In the Spring I was chosen as the 2018 winner of a new scholarship award for innovation in the use of Horn in Jewellery, Fashion and Decorative items. The award was based on a design I submitted for a Diamond Pierced Horn ring. I have been working on the commission for a few months, the trickiest part has been producing the small horn panels but I think I have cracked it. I am due to formally present my finished work in London to the company this month.

Horn is a material of historic importance in jewellery, being used to great effect in Art Nouveau jewellery by master jewellers such as Lalique. Horn is classed as an organic gem material, like amber, coral and pearls, as it originates from a living source. It is a general byproduct of British farming practises, and as with all natural organic gem materials, a main factor of its beauty lies in its natural variegations of pattern and colour.

Horn takes a fantastic polish and I'm looking forward to exploring some new ideas with horn in the near future!

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